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Residential Roof Repairs Rochester NY

Roofers Rochester Relies on for all repairs!

As roofs get older, repairs are inevitable and must be addressed. If avoided, issues only worsen over time and can pose safety risks. Maintenance services prevent and detect damage. Sometimes, you may delay an inspection and notice a leak. Relax; we offer residential roof repairs Rochester NY homeowners. Protect your house and family by seeking service promptly. We fix leaks and worn shingles and detect moisture and water damage.

Roof repairs include flashing, vents, seals, and other penetrations. There can also be decay near the chimney. Some homes need new insulation due to poor energy efficiency. Keeping your roof in good condition protects your property from severe damage. Water can seep into the house, run down walls, and sit on floors and ceilings. 

Storms also create the need for residential roof repairs Rochester NY locals. We specialize in fixing damage from storms and high winds. Heavy snow, rain, hail, and ice dams can do a number. Our roofers will repair or replace broken, cracked, or missing shingles. Metal may become dented, while single-ply systems can take on punctures. We work with insurance companies if you have coverage. Some weather events fall under your homeowner’s policy. No matter the problem, our roofers can repair it.

Here’s how to tell that you need residential roof repairs Rochester NY homeowners:  

  • Neglecting maintenance and inspections let issues go undetected. Delaying service will only worsen problems. 
  • The older the roof, the more likely it will wear down. Depending on the damage, you may need a replacement. We look at the condition and age to decide if repairs are the solution. 
  • Wind, storms, and extreme cold can split, crack, and weaken shingles. Some roof materials can even curl and fall off the house. Ignoring these issues will lead to devastating water damage.  
  • High heating and cooling costs may indicate an air leak in your roofing. Indoor temperatures that are difficult to regulate are a sign of a problem. Residential roof repairs would address the broken seal or where the air escapes. 
  • Interior damage often stems from moisture or water in the insulation. If you see markings or cracks on walls, ceilings, or floors, there’s a problem. Roof leaks also can cause paint to bubble or chip.
  • Mold growth from moisture buildup poses health risks and property damage.
  • Poorly installed roofing and shingle application will need to be fixed.
  • Gutters blockages will backflow, and the water will damage the roof and structure.
  • Infestations of rodents, birds, and pests may be due to roofing problems.  

If you suspect an issue, but don’t know the source, contact us. We’ll perform your residential roof repairs Rochester residents.

We commonly perform these residential roof repairs Rochester NY: 

  • Roof leaks are detected and fixed using cutting-edge tools.
  • Shingle replacement removes damaged roofing, and new materials are installed.
  • Roof flashing, a metal or rubber seal, around chimneys may need replacement.
  • Vents ensure proper airflow into the attic and home but sometimes need repairs.
  • Skylights on roofing can have cracked glass that leaks water into the house.
  • Gutters get clogged, disconnected, or have other damage that needs repair.
  • Any other issues will be addressed by our roofer Rochester homeowners.
  1. Fixing a leaking flat roof can be a bit challenging. You need the right tools and equipment.
  2. Prevent further damage by following these steps:
  3. Locate the source of the leak by looking for any cracks, punctures, or other roof damage. If you can’t find the spot, spray water with a hose. Hit different areas of the roof until you find the leak.
  4. Clean the damaged area with a broom or brush thoroughly. Remove any debris, dirt, or loose material. Make sure the spot is dry before proceeding to the next step.
  5. Apply roofing cement with a trowel or putty knife and spread evenly. Adequately cover the damaged area and go a few inches beyond it.
  6. Cut a piece of fabric and place it on top of the roofing cement by pressing firmly. Take the trowel or putty knife. Apply another layer of roofing cement on top of the fabric. Make sure you evenly spread the solution and cover the cloth completely.
  7. Wait for the roofing cement to dry completely before testing the repair. Check your work a few hours or days later, depending on the weather.
  8. Test the repair after the roofing cement has dried by spraying water on the area. If there are no leaks, you prevail. However, if the repair didn’t work, you have two options. Repeat the process or call us for residential roofer repairs Rochester NY.
  9. Keep in mind that regular maintenance prevents leaks and other damage. Routine roof inspections address issues promptly and prevent costly repairs. 

Are you trying to pick a roof repair? Here are some tips:  

  • Assess the damage before you start looking for a roofer. After identifying the issue, you can share your findings.  
  • Research roof repairs companies by reading reviews online. Also, visit websites and social media pages to learn more. 
  • Look to see that the roofer is licensed and insured.  
  • Contact repair roofers and request a quote on their services.
  • Compare the different costs and what the work will cover.
  • Look for a roofer to perform the repair needs and confirm their work.
  • Choose a company and read the contract carefully before signing.

Fixing a leaking roof temporarily will prevent further damage briefly. 

Here are the steps to take: 

  1. Locate the leak by looking at the roof to find the source.
  2. Remove debris with a broom or brush from the damaged area.
  3. Take roofing cement and apply it to the area causing the leak. With a putty knife or trowel, spread evenly over the spot. Cover the damaged area and go a few inches beyond it.
  4. Add a piece of plastic sheeting, a tarp, or metal flashing. Cover the damaged spot.
  5. Secure the covering to the roof with nails, screws, or heavy-duty. Tighten the hardware to prevent wind or rain from lifting it.
  6. Check for leaks after the covering is installed. Spray water on the spot to see if the repair worked.
  7. Contact us for residential roof repairs since this remedy is only temporary. We’ll offer a permanent solution for you. 

The cost to fix a rooftop varies for a few reasons. Our roofer Rochester NY looks at the job scope. The overall size of your roof and the extent of damage factor into prices. After looking at the issue, we determine the type of roof and what we need. We’ll have the right materials to do the repair. To get an estimate on the cost of fixing a rooftop, contact us today! 

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Contact Prime Roofers Rochester for residential repairs. We fix common issues and those caused by a storm. Snowfall, extreme cold, and weather may cause problems in your home. Ice, blizzards, and high winds can damage a roof. We’ll repair or replace degraded parts and materials. Whether you have shingles, metal, or tile, we’ll fix it for you. Our local company will address any air or water leaks also. Call us for residential roof repairs Rochester NY today!

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