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Roofing Insulation Rochester NY

Residential and Commercial Services by Prime Roofers

Lower energy costs with roofing insulation Rochester NY. We offer residential and commercial services. Our local company installs and replaces these essential materials. Roofing insulation can reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 30%! Create a more comfortable indoor setting year-round. Insulation prevents air leaks and regulates energy usage. Our roofers will maintain the structure of your building. Routine inspections detect any issues with insulation.

Rely on us for commercial roofing insulation Rochester NY. We also service industrial sites in the local area. Regulate the indoor air temperatures and quality of your building. Roofing insulation controls energy costs year-round. Your property will be more efficient and less likely to have drafts. Prevent air leaks with our installation and replacement services. Contact us for your roofing insulation needs. 

Protect your home with residential roofing insulation Rochester NY! Create an optimal indoor environment with our services. Get better temperature control and cut energy costs by 30%. Your house will feel comfortable year-round with lower heating and cooling bills. Residential roofing insulation goes in attics or between rafters. The correct setting prevents gaps and air from escaping. New materials are sustainable and increase property value. We install and replace insulation to avoid the issue. Prevent leaks, mold growth, and decay with our roofing services.

There are many types of roofing insulation Rochester NY residents. The R-value shows the effectiveness. We work with the following materials:   

  • Fiberglass is affordable and widely used in homes and businesses. The roofing materials are lightweight and have a high R-value. Choose from batts, rolls, or loose fill for installation.  Fiberglass insulation between rafters offers the best thermal resistance and energy efficiency. 
  • Cellulose insulation has recycled paper materials that are blown by a machine. We install this eco-friendly option onto attic floors or roof decks. Cellulose offers strong thermal resistance and is sprayed. The application expands and fills in gaps and cracks. Also, the insulation has a higher R-value than fiberglass but costs more.
  • Polyurethane is a closed-cell foam spray insulation applied onto the roof deck. The materials have excellent thermal resistance and act as a vapor barrier.
  • Spray foam insulation is standard in commercial buildings. A liquid expands to fill any gaps and voids in the roof. The foam seals air leaks and has excellent thermal resistance. The spray has good adhesion and offers structural support. The high R-vale roof insulation costs the most.
  • Mineral wool insulation, made of rock or slag fibers, suits high temperatures. The roofing material is used in industrial settings. Mineral wool provides good thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Rigid foam insulation is a dense and lightweight roofing material. We can custom-cut to match any shape or size. Commercial buildings use rigid foam because of the high R-value. The insulation also adds structural support. The roofing materials have high prices.

Have us address problems with your roofing insulation Rochester NY.  

Here are potential issues: 

  • Age erodes or compresses roof insulation and reduces thermal resistance.
  • Air leaks stem from poorly installed or loosely sealed roof insulation.
  • Insufficient roof insulation is caused by low quality or a poor job.
  • Moisture-trapped insulation may lead to mold growth and feel damp.
  • Pest infestations like insects and rodents can sit in roofing insulation.
  • Poor ventilation creates moisture in the roof insulation, where mold can grow.

The cost of foam roofing mainly depends on the size and job complexity. Also, the type of insulation you choose is estimated in pricing. However, to give you an idea, foam roofing ranges from $3-$7 per sq ft. The investment can save you money in the long run. Foam provides excellent insulation and reduces energy bills. Additionally, the materials are very durable and can last for years with proper care. 

Insulating an attic roof can be a good idea for several reasons. 

Here are some benefits of attic insulation: 

  1. You’ll have better energy efficiency and more comfort. The insulation prevents heat from escaping during the winter. The materials also keep hot air from entering during the summer. Your heating and cooling systems won’t overwork, lowering energy bills.
  2. Insulation improves indoor air quality by preventing moisture from entering. The materials reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth.
  3. Increase your home value and attract potential buyers by insulating your attic roof.
  4. Insulation lowers noise levels inside your home. You won’t hear sound from outside sources, like traffic or neighbors.

When choosing insulation for your roof, consider the R-value. The higher, the better the thermal resistance is. You’ll have more effective materials that reduce heat loss or gain. Consult with our roofers in Rochester NY to determine the best insulation.

The best roof insulation for hot climates will effectively reduce heat gain. 

Keep your home cool with these options: 

  • Radiant barrier insulation reflects heat away from your roof. We install the materials to the underside of the deck. The amount of hot air entering your home is reduced.  
  • Spray foam insulation provides an airtight seal and can help prevent heat transfer. Polyurethane is applied onto the roof deck, then expands to fill gaps or cracks. 
  • Blown-in cellulose insulation, made of recycled paper, is blown into your attic. The higher R-value reduces heat transfer through your roof.
  • Reflective roof coatings combat sunlight and reduce heat absorption. These coatings are typically white or light-colored to keep your home cooler.
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Commercial Roofing Insulation Rochester NY

Contact us for a roof inspection if you suspect any issues with your insulation. We can repair, replace, or install new materials. We’ll send a contractor to your home or business to inspect the roof insulation. Our Rochester company looks forward to serving you!

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